Flutter Tips

This is a list of my Tweets with tips about Flutter… I’m not including tweets with links to articles and code tutorials, because a Google search will surface those 😉

beta 3 upgrade tip. If you define a textTheme in your app ThemeData, make sure you define the body2 attribute for it, otherwise you’ll get an error about labelStyle.” (May 8, 2018) original tweet

“TIL: When building an Android app with , if you get ” Execution failed […] .builder.dexing.DexArchiveMergerException: Unable to merge dex” with Gradle 4.1, it is because one of your plugins isn’t. Update your dependencies in pubspec.yaml!” (February 6, 2018) original tweet

“TIL: When using a plugin, if you get an error about google() when building, it is probably because you need to update Gradle to 4.1. Check “Updating Flutter projects to Gradle 4.1 and Android Studio Gradle plugin 3.0.1” ” (January 10, 2018) original tweet

“TIL about imports in & : my singleton wasn’t behaving like a singleton… Turned out that it was because in one file, I was importing the dart file without package (eg import ‘file.dart’) and in the other, with package (eg import ‘package:flutterapp/file.dart).” (January 9, 2018) original tweet

“If you use or Play Services in your app, you will run into this issue, so bookmark this! Why my app is requesting “prevent phone from sleeping” permission? ” (December 6, 2017) original tweet

For articles & code tutorials about Flutter, a great source is Flutter Weekly.

Note: this page may not be entirely up to date with my Tweets, as it is updated fortnightly.