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Pick of the week links for programmers

Filed under: programming — January 4, 2013

Getting started with data science – advice from Hilary Mason from Bitly for those interested in data science. In a nutshell, “DO IT”.

Mapping with d3 library – a tutorial showing how to make a modest map from scratch using D3 and TopoJSON (by d3’s Mike Bostock).

Make learning your resolution for 2013 – a roundup of a few online courses of interest to programmers.

Mnemonic major system – a mnemonic technique used to aid in memorizing numbers, but associating a consonant sound to each digit then using them to create words. For example, “meteor” has consonants M, T and R, which stand for 3, 1 and 4.

#code2012 visualisation – a visualisation of programming languages used by developpers in 2012, data taken from the #code2012 Twitter tag. So far, javascript is in the lead, followed by java, as in 2011. Globally, the top 10 remains broadly unchanged, except for Scala that scrapped it to #10 (from #13 in 2011) and bash that lost 2 places, from #9 to #11.

Java neural network framework – Neuroph is a Java library (Apache 2.0 license) to develop neural architectures. It also comes with a GUI neural network editor.

Regular Expression for UK postcodes – very useful resource if you need to match UK postcodes! I have actually amended it slightly in the project I am working on, because users do not always provide a space between the 2 sections of the postcode, particularly on mobile devices where typing is still a bit slow. So I have changed the space in the middle of the expression to ( )?. Also, in my project, I have added P to list of possible 3rd letter (see comments on blog post regarding N1P postcodes).

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