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HTC android.process.core has stopped, 2013 bug

Filed under: google android — January 4, 2013

HTC users have been plagued with a bug since 1st January, if their device is updated to the new version of HTC (with Android 4.1.1).

The bug is that the android.process.core procress constantly crashes.

The bug happens for users with sync’ed contacts, ie pretty much all users, and it was reported a few minutes after midnight on new year’s eve. The cause of the bug seems to be some issues with date formatting: users have reported stack traces that include the date “20130229″, which of course doesn’t exist as 2013 isn’t a leap year.

HTC has offered a fix at

A temporary solution which has worked for me is detailed below. I’m going for this temporary solution at the moment because I want to wait for HTC to deliver the updated Contacts Storage app to my device, mostly to see how long it will take them to do so.

1) Settings -> date and time -> unselect “automatic date & time”
2) on same screen, set the date to a day in dec 2012.
3) go back to home screen
4) wait 5 minutes
5) Settings -> date and time -> select “automatic date & time” so device date goes back to today

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