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Pick of the week links for entrepreneurs

Filed under: entrepreneurs — December 17, 2012

Y Combinator Start up library – a reference page to get back to if you’re either working for a startup or thinking of starting one…

RevMob launches in the US – RevMob is an advertising network for the mobile sector that claims the highest CPMs in the industry (I have not tried it so do not endorse it, just passing on information)

How to promote a mobile app? – an infographic provided by uSpeak and BlueCaribu. The infographic is somewhat simplistic and but its worth is in those moments when you are rushing to get your mobile product out and forgetting about common sense…

Top five ways to market your mobile app – a blog post by Jason Devitt, CEO of Mr. Number. It’s a short post, a reminder of strategies that work (the execution is up to you of course, ie no execution = no results)

Speaking of execution, this reminds me of an old time favourite post of mine by Derek Sivers titled Ideas are just a multiplier of execution – a great reminder of what it takes to build a great business

Amazon lowers its prices for S3 – prices go down by 24-27% in the US region, on average, though read the small print to check if this would apply to your use case obviously

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