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Do you need a lead mobile app developer to get your Android and iOS project off the ground using Flutter?

I’m a mobile app developer with 9 years experience with the Android SDK, and 2 years experience with Flutter.

I have worked as a lead Android developer on large 4+ rated apps for established brands, such as British Airways and Virgin Active UK. Additionally, I have worked as a Developer Programs Engineer at Google, where I contributed to several open source projects (Google I/O, Android Architecture Blueprints). You can find more details about my career on my LinkedIn profile.

In 2017, I made the switch from the Android SDK to Flutter. Over my career, I have seen so many resources wasted by mobile teams, when creating separate, but usually fairly similar, iOS and Android apps. I have closely followed cross platform frameworks, such as React Native, but didn’t feel they were suitable. Finally, Flutter came along and it solved the performance issues of those other frameworks, not to mention being a pleasure to work with.

I work from home, which is in Bournemouth, UK, and I am reachable during normal UK office hours.

I usually do not travel for work but I am happy to do video chats, which, in my experience, can cover for 99% of cases usually handled by a face to face meeting.


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