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Do you need an expert Android app developer to provide advice for your existing codebase? Do you need an expert Android app developer to help you assess the technical skills of a new recruit?

I’m an Android app developer with 8 years experience with the Android SDK. First of all, I have worked as a lead Android developer on large 4+ rated apps, such as British Airways. Additionally, I have worked as a Developer Programs Engineer at Google, where I contributed to several open source projects (Google I/O, Android Architecture Blueprints). Finally, you can find more details about my career on my LinkedIn profile.

I work from home, which is in Bournemouth, UK, and I am reachable during normal UK office hours.

Code reviews

This includes full app code reviews as well as small code reviews.

Full app code reviews can be useful if you want to assess the state of a codebase. Perhaps you want to add a feature and need to know how healthy your existing code is. Perhaps you have a team of junior Android developers and they need a little bit of guidance.

Small code reviews can be useful if you have outsourced a small feature and are perhaps thinking about giving more work to the developer. This provides you with an independent expert advice regarding the quality of the code.

Providing advice to your developers

This can take different forms, depending on your requirements. Overall, the aim is to help your junior and mid level developers improve their skills. A few suggestions are code reviews, exercises (better if related to the existing codebase they are working on), answering their questions via video chats, and helping them figure out how to develop a new piece of functionality.



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